Ever since I got engaged I have been doing a lot of self reflection & past reflection. Its crazy. Really freakin crazy.

I look back and find myself asking “what was I thinking?!” But then again I have to laugh and give myself the positive response of “Whatever, this is all excellent writing material.” Because it is, its exactly that! There’s no point in being ashamed. Especially over situations where I learned many valuable lessons & things about myself, life etc.

Being engaged has also taught me what a Marriage & a Wedding mean to other people. Apparently people have LOTS of expectations for a wedding that isn’t their own. It  can also bring out the best & the worst in people, which I am experiencing. It sort of lets you know what people really  think of you or how they feel about you.

I have also learned how my “Special Day” is a Big Ticket Money Maker for businesses. If you do your research, you will come to find that Venues who offer the SAME services for a party & a Wedding nearly double or triple their prices because you have mentioned the word WEDDING. I am not fooled. I won’t be fooled. So having realized this, I have learned that my “Special Day” is only special for those who are profiting off me.

Trying to plan an event like a Wedding really shows you how important your life event is to other people, how available they will be or how proactive they are willing to be. Some even suggest what ideas and such are better for them when it comes to your Wedding. When at the end of it all, this is no ones Wedding but your own.

Thankfully, no one is opposed to MY Wedding. No one shares any negative or disheartening opinions or feelings towards my Fiance & no one feels any worry or concern about my future Marriage.

Thankfully we do have the support of everyone around us.

My only issue with having to plan a Wedding is factoring in everyone & everything. It seems like an overwhelming task that I am unsure I can defeat.

At this point I am considering my Fiance & I do a secret ceremony one weekend & have a party or celebration a couple months later where we cave in & break the news about having eloped. And even though I have planned for my Wedding to be a year from now, I am even considering extending the date out because right now….

I just don’t want to deal with all I’ve been dealing with anymore…

I just want to enjoy my Engagement.

Back to the topic of self & past reflection, being Engaged has made me reflect in the sense I am reviewing who has come and gone from my life. Friends, Family, acquaintances etc.

I realize there is family I wish who were still here to be apart of this. I know they would have been should they still be here.

And I realize how certain friends or acquaintances that are no longer apart of my life, are people who I still feel do not need to be apart of my life.

Being Engaged has really made me think critically about who I want proactive in my life & apart of it. Its showing me the importance of Life Long meaning and the Value of having True Genuine Love, Care, Respect, Family & Friendship.

Certain people in life have come and go. Some were taken because it was their turn to part from this plane & others were removed because for me & my life, they were not a good fit.

Marriage is important. It shouldn’t be viewed as a silly piece of paper that can be tore up and replaced 5 or so years later.

You work through the good & the bad. And you stay on the same Team each and every day.

That’s all I have to vent for now….





Self Worth

I wrote a blog about Self Worth almost a year ago & felt that I should write about it again today due to certain thought floating around my mind.

Around a year ago I was surrounded by so many negative & toxic people. They were terrible people for me to be around. They were constantly putting me down, exposing me to heinous situations & provided me with nothing but lies, deceit and betrayal.

Unfortunately it took me almost 1 full year to realize that these people were NOT people I should have as apart of my life. But by the time I finally figured this out, I was feeling incredibly low & insecure.

That experience taught me a lot about people, what I want for my life & it also taught me a lot about myself. Through this experience i learned what true friendship & love mean. I learned what I am capable of as a human being & I learned about how I am meant to be so much more than what those people were holding back from being.

Through this experience I learned Self Love.

I relearned about who I am & what I am worth. I relearned what my strengths & weaknesses were, what my dreams & goals were, where I wanted to progress & where I wanted to go in life.

Having to relearn about myself was a very hard experience because for almost 1 full year, I had completely fell off track, forgotten about me & got behind on accomplishing my goals and following my dreams.

Without the love & support of my TRUE friends & family, I’m not sure I would have accomplished regaining internal strength & resurfacing Self Love as much as I have.

The point of this blog is to remember to NEVER let yourself down. If anyone in this world is going to have your back, defend you to the fullest, love you forever & support you till the ends of days it should be YOU! No matter what you should always be your OWN #1 fan & die hard best friend. Never in your life forget to take care of YOU.

Not everyone in this world is blessed with a friends list of 500+ people. Some of us only have just a few friends. No matter what your friends list number is, you should ALWAYS be your #1  friend because one day we may not have anyone but ourselves. And when or if that day comes, we need to make sure we never let ourselves down.

Back when I was still surrounded by people of poison, I wasn’t writing. I was feeling too insecure & negative inside to write. My mind & heart were hazy & I couldn’t see past the fog. Once I broke away from these people, all I did for months was write. It felt amazing! Grand it all I wrote about were my experiences with these people but I didn’t care. All that mattered was that I was writing again & it felt incredible!

One person who I removed from my life actually wrote me. They threatened me. Saying I needed to stop writing “or else.” I’m here to tell you that people of negativity will always try to bring you down no matter what. Don’t fall for it. Don’t let anyone or anything that’s ever held you back in life attempt to bring you down again. Don’t give them the opportunity. Don’t let them scare you into falling back into their trap & don’t let them EVER get the BEST of you.

When this person threatened me I felt tremendous shock. I was like “whoa! They went there?! They really tried to scare me straight?!” But you know what I did? I didn’t listen. Instead what I did was show this persons message to my TRUE friends & to writing professionals. I needed advice & I need people to stand by my side to remind me that this person & their words were a total JOKE. And that’s exactly what everyone did. So guess what? I AM STILL WRITING. I will always write whenever I want & about whatever I want because I can.

For some silly reason there will always be people in this world who will try to knock you down & steer you off course. There will always be people who are envious of you, your talents, your strengths & your accomplishments. And there will always be people who will try to stop you from being or becoming the BEST you can be.

It’s our job & our duty to ourselves to ALWAYS have Self Love. We owe it to ourselves to find strength even when we feel weak. No matter what anyone thinks of you or has to say about you, you know who YOU are. You know what you’re about & what you’re capable of. Don’t ever let anyone or anything get in the way of you & you’re life.

We are all allowed to accomplish greatness & we are all allowed to pursue happiness in our own unique ways.

If anything, I hope this blogs reminds you to Love yourself & reminds you that you as a unique individual ARE worth it.

Happiness can be found from within. So find it. And when you do, NEVER let it go.





Alien Interstate

Have you ever traveled down Extraterrestrial Highway?

Also known as Nevada State Route 375.


If not, I strongly suggest you do so immediately! Especially if you’re a Cali local making your way out to Vegas. Take the long scenic route back home on ET Highway!

My first time traveling down the Highway was this past summer with my Boyfriend. Lets call my Boyfriend TheShape88.

It was his idea to take the long scenic route home down Extraterrestrial Highway which in my opinion was a GREAT idea.

Lets give you some history on good ol’ Route 375:

  1. Route 375 is 98 miles long
  2. It was created in 1932
  3. Most of the Route is unoccupied desert terrain
  4. Area 51 is located off of Route 375
  5. By the 1990s Area 51 became known to the public Eye
  6. UFO observations and Alien activity are commonly reported along this road
  7. In 1989 Engineer Bob Lazar made claims to have worked on Alien Spacecrafts off Route 375
  8.  Route 375 is lightly traveled due to UFO & Alien reported activity.
  9. February 1996 Route 375 was dubbed as Extraterrestrial Highway


Crazy right? I’m sure you’re thinking “I wonder if Area 51 was placed there due to all the UFO sightings & Alien activity reporting?” Well… not exactly. Area 51 was placed near Route 375 for the purpose of being away from the public eye. Although the purpose of Area 51 is still unknown to the public, its most likely used for experimental aircraft testing & weapon systems.

Due to the extreme secrecy of the facility, many conspiracy theories have risen & come to life developing the never ending UFO & ET legends we all know & love today.

Anyways, Area 51 can be reached by two different roads that are both connected to Extraterrestrial Highway. One very fun & famous road to take there is Mail Box Road.


Mail Box Road was once marked only by a single Postal Box that is known today as The Black Mailbox. It is said that the Black Mail Box is where packages or letters would be delivered for Area 51. The original Mail Box  left out on Mail Box Road was in fact a Black Mail Box. However due to Conspiracy Theorists, UFO Seekers & Travelers continually visiting the landmark & toying with it, the original Mail Box was removed by its owner Steve Medlin & replaced with a sturdier WHITE mail box in hopes it would prevent further vandalism. But unfortunately that Mail Box has been removed as well due to people continuing with the vandalism.

The Black Mail box is a very fun Hot Spot for tons of UFO Seekers, Geo Catchers & Conspiracy Theorists. TheShape88 & I have even visited the landmark ourselves. Twice actually. And although the original Mail Box is no longer, there is in fact a BLACK Mail Box that sits at the entrance of Mail Box Road leading up to Area 51.

When TheShape88 & I first traveled to the landmark, we were greeted with a pile of notes, toys, alcohol & junk left around the landmark. There was no Mail Box of any kind at the location during our 1st visit.

The 2nd time we visited the site, we came with an offering for the Aliens. A friend of mine was granted the custody of what we were told was a “possessed hatchet” that carried an evil energy within in. He asked me to take it from him & to get rid of it on his behalf. So TheShape88 & I thought “who better to give this to than to give it to the Aliens?” And so we did exactly THAT!

Once we were at the Black Mail Box for our 2nd time, we were delighted to see that someone AWESOME in the world had reassembled a NEW Black Mail Box for Mail Box Road. We we’re so over joyed by this that we took a ton of pictures & just laughed at how excited we were to see an actual Mail Box sit at this historical & famous spot. Whoever left an actual Mail Box assembled it to be attached to a tall rock that travelers had painted a bright blue and written on. It was super neat. TheShape88 & I left the possessed hatchet rested on the side of the rock. Of course I took more pictures. I wanted proof of my offerings for the Aliens. Lol

*Update: We have since then found out that someone took the hatchet we left for the Aliens…. Come on people! Quit ruining things!

After having left the Black Mail Box, TheShape88 & I continued our journey down Extraterrestrial Highway where we saw MANY things!

Not only did we stop and see Tarantulas crossing the road, Cattle in the Road & even killed a Bird while driving along the Road…. (As much as I think TheShape88 is a Bird Murderer,  he is convinced the Bird used our car to commit suicide.) But we also saw a HUMONGOUS Silver Alien made out of what looks to be tin. This landmark is known as the Alien Research Center. TheShape88 & I were unable to attend to the Research Center as it was closed during our time of travel, but it was definitely worth stopping to look around and take some fun pictures.

Overall the drive down Extraterrestrial Highway is VERY bare & made of endless desert terrain. It truly is a beautiful road to journey though. Especially if you’re like me & TheShape88 who love the outdoors, nature & wildlife. He & I pulled over a ton of times to stop, look around, take pictures & observe the land.

Grand it next time we travel down Extraterrestrial Highway we should consider a lengthier playlist then the complete collection of NO Doubt albums, but overall for TheShape88 & I felt this route was a fabulous experience & we look forward to venturing down this Highway again in the near future.


Hope you enjoyed our little adventure






*All pictures used in this blog are my own

Happy Eats


I work for Corporate America. I am a Supervisor & my job day in/day out is very stationary. I come to work simply to sit on my butt. Yup! That’s right. I sit my little behind down, stare into a screen & get to work!

As I’ve gotten older I have learned the importance of food. Especially with my job, my body NEEDS foods that will help keep me energized so that I can remain productive at work.

If I eat sugars & fats, I will crash & lack focus.

Here’s my Top 5 Work Foods

  1. Yogurt- I usually have this for Breakfast. You can add Organic fruit or granola & some local honey to it for flavor.
    1. Local Honey is best for your body re: allergies especially
  2. Almonds- This is a great snack to keep in your desk drawer.
    1. Preferably Organic & Raw re: unsweetened
  3.  Organic Vegan Protein Powder- I’m not here to turn you Vegan. I just know from experience that Vegan protein has been the best for me. You can add flavors too. I add Cacao Powder, Pomegranate Powder, Apple Cider Vinegar, Mint, dehydrated Peanut Butter. Etc get creative!
    1. I use Vega One or Organic Protein. Both are found at Costco for only $30 instead of $50-$60
  4. Fruit- I prefer Oranges, Apples, Grapefruit or Bananas. They are easy for me to keep at my desk at an arms reach.
  5. Water- you can never have enough water

You’re probably wondering “What about Lunch?”

Here are my Top 3 Lunch Meals

  1. Veggie Soup- All Vegan, all Organic ingredients & stick to as many GREEN veggies as you can.
    1. Zucchini, Spinach, Kale, Broccoli, Celery, Bell Pepper
    2. For flavoring I add a little onion, carrot, tomato & sometimes red or yellow potatoes.
  2. Quinoa & Mixed Steamed Veggies- You can even add half of an avocado.
    1. Stir frying your veggies works just as well. And again, use more GREEN veggies
  3. Brown Rice & Cooked Broccoli- I even add a little lemon powder or soy sauce.

If you’re wondering “Why so many GREEN veggies?”

My Answer is : I sit on my bum ALL DAY. I need foods that will help me maintain a positive & healthy metabolism & digestive system. GREEN veggies offer you the most fiber. Fiber = Happy Tummy.

Another thing you might be wondering is why not any meat or carbs? For me personally, I have noticed that when I eat meats or carbs while at work, my energy level sinks & I become fatigue, tired & weighed down. None of which help me stay productive or effective at work.

Sitting at a desk all day in itself is draining. Its really important we figure out what foods will properly fuel us with healthy & positive energy throughout our work days. This type of system is what works best for me. I have physically noticed and felt a difference.


Another important thing to remember is moderation.

Whenever I have a substantial meal, I only fill enough for an 8 ounce bowl. And I suggest you don’t over fill your bowl.

Anytime I have snacks, I have no more than a hand full. So for fruit, I have one fruit. For things like almonds, I have just a handful which is about 12-14 almonds.

I was told many times before that eating once every three hours is best for your digestion & metabolism. Ever since I have put this method into daily practice, I have felt this to be very true. I am eating regularly, drinking water regularly AND escorting myself to the bathroom regularly. LOL

After personal experience I feel these little tools are very helpful in keeping me filled with positive energy while at work & a maintaining happy body.

Remember, these are things that work best for me. If anything, I would hope my blog encourages you to figure out what foods & what methods are best for you. Because at the end of the day, taking care of us & our bodies is extremely important.

You & your Health are #1


Places I shop to get more for my Dollar are Costco & Sprouts.

Costco Finds: Protein Powder, Fruits, Veggies, Almonds, Yogurt, Granola, Spices, Seasonings, Water, Quinoa, Brown Rice

Sprouts Finds: Broth, Protein Powder additives

Another place I shop at is Trader Joe’s. I usually shop here for the fun & unique seasonal/holiday flavors. This is a nice way for me to make change ups in flavor within my meals so that my foods don’t seem so repetitive.

Lastly the best thing for me in the kitchen whenever I cook is FLAVOR. Get creative with your Flavors! Become familiar and EXTRA friendly with your spices & seasonings. Make these things your BEST friends!

Some recipe books I utilize for flavor fun are:

Thug Kitchen: Official Cook Book, Party Grub & Fast as F**k

Thrive: by Brendan Brazier


Ok, ONE last thing! I strongly suggest you go as Organic as you can!

Only give you & your body the absolute best!

Hope this was helpful!




Spark The Fire

The older I get the more I realize that people are forgetting the importance of dating. Nowadays people are on dating apps or websites & literally have thousands of options (people) at their fingertips. And since people have an endless pool of options, I personally believe people are becoming desensitized & perhaps caring less.

I mean, why put forward effort into romance when you can go online & pick plenty of other fish whom you may not have to “work as hard” for?

Nowadays with the internet allowing us to have accessibility to so many people at our fingertips, I think people have become a bit lazy or desensitized in their Dating Game.

For some, they want to go for drinks & then go straight to the bedroom. Where for others, they want to go for drinks & go straight into multi hour conversations.

I like the people who prefer to go into conversations. But I am also aware that there are many people who would prefer to go straight to the bedroom instead of talk to one another aka get to know each other.

Some people may say “why not do both?” Which sure, that’s fine but how many people really do both? Especially when going to the bedroom right away? How many people are genuinely out there like “yeah sure I’ll get to know you AFTER we’re done in the bedroom?” Seriously? I’m not falling for it.

I personally think its INCREDIBLY important to DATE aka genuinely get to know a person: who they are, what they’re about, their goals & dreams etc. This in my opinion is much more important then Netflix & “Chill.” We ALL know its really Netflix & NO Chill. Who are you fooling?!

Whatever happened to the traditions and/or values of learning about people to see if you click or are a complimentary pair?

I mean, having fun in the bedroom isn’t everything. In fact I feel like its more valuable once you’ve connected with a person on an emotional & mental level. (Heaven forbid I be such a Romantic…)

Heck I’ve even met people who were together for YEARS before realizing their wants & needs didn’t match one another. One person wanted Marriage & NO Kids when the other really wanted Children but didn’t hold much value into the idea or title of Marriage. These are things people should be discussing while they are still DATING. That’s the whole point of Dating. Learning about another person to see if you two are a great pair who match well with one another.

Now I know some people may read this and say “people can compromise.” Sure I believe this to be true but on topics like Marriage, Kids or Permanent Home (etc), I really do believe its important to find someone who shares the same ideas or opinions of these things as you do. These are things that should never be forced onto people. These are things both parties should be on the same page with and committed too.

Overall I think people shouldn’t be so quick to go straight to the bedroom. Instead I think people should be quick to learn more about people. There are so many wonderful people in the world who are looking for Love & who I hope achieve Love that I think are being passed up or skipped too quickly because of dating sites & dating apps. I feel like with these tools providing us with so many options, people now become convenient for other people. And with this type of accessibility, why put forward much effort or “work” hard for people when chances are the next person on you dating app list will feed your craving without you having to put forth any work or effort at all?

Serial Dating… Creates Serial Daters… Break this god awfulness!

Love is real & Love exists.

All it takes its patience to find it & effort to keep it.


Trust me, I know… Love you Chum





Pretty In Pink


I love Flamingos just as much as I love Owls & Puffins.

Those are my 3 favorite Birds. Lately I have also began building a liking for the Peacock & Blue Bird. Which I will eventually cover ALL but today is dedicated to the Pretty In Pink feathered darlings, The Flamingos.

I always liked Flamingos as a kid. I used to love watching them at the Zoo whenever I went with my Grandpa or Elementary School Field Trips. I love how brightly colored they were, how long and lengthily they were &  how they all stood around and hung out in a HUGE group that was bottomless PINK!

They are just super fun creatures to admire.


As I got older, around 16 or so, I started reading a lot of True-Crime books. I eventually found myself reading about Las Vegas & the Mob. Bugsy Siegel in particular.

Bugsy Siegel is better known as a Celebrity Gangster & founding leader of Murder Inc. To me he is remembered as a key player in the development of Las Vegas.

Bugsy Siegal helped develop one of Las Vegas most iconic hotels, The Flamingo. He assisted William Wilkerson before taking over completely and opening The Flamingo on December 26, 1946. Then later, on June 20, 1947, he was shot & killed in the Beverly Hills home of his girlfriend, actress Virginia Hill.

Sometimes I wonder if Allen Smiley knew Bugsy would be killed that day. The two were sitting in the living room reading The LA Times when the Murder took place. Still to this very day, no one was charged with the Murder of Bugsy Siegel and the crime remains Officially Unsolved.

Lets be honest, Bugsy Siegel wasn’t the best looking Man on Paper but if you ever decide to do as I did and learn about him, his contributions to developing Las Vegas, his Mob Life & his memorable hotel The Flamingo, you may just become as fascinated as I did & still am.

So there you have it. You now know where my love for Flamingos began & continued to grow.

Fun Facts of Flamingos

  1. Both the male and the female contribute to building the nest, and to defending the nest and egg.
  2. Occasional same-sex pairs have been reported
  3. They live in colonies whose population can number in the thousands
  4. In the Bahamas, they are the national bird.
  5. Andean miners have killed flamingos for their fat, believed to be a cure for tuberculosis
  6. In Ancient Rome, their tongues were considered a delicacy
  7. The Old World flamingos were considered by the Ancient Egyptians to be the living representation of the god Ra

Lets talk about #7. Especially since its very new information to me.

Ra is the ancient Egyptian Sun God. In later Egyptian writings the God Ra was merged with another God named Horus giving him the new name of Ra-Horakhty. He was believed to to rule the Sky, The Earth & the Underworld.

Pretty interesting right? Now take all that information and picture the God Ra as a being in Human form with a Flamingo neck & head. Crazy!


Also note that there are 7 different types of Flamingos:

  • Greater Flamingo: Parts of Europe, Africa & Asia
  • Lesser Flamingo: India & Africa
  • Chilean Flamingo: South America
  • James Flamingo: Bolivia, Chile, Andes in Peru & Argentina
  • Andean Flamingo: also Bolivia, Chile, Andes in Peru & Argentina
  • American Flamingo: Belize, Galapagos, some of Mexico & The Caribbeans

The different types of Flamingos can range from White with Pink or Red feathers with Black beaks to All Pink with Yellow & Orange beaks and everything in between. Their common colors are Pink, White & Orange with Black, Yellow or sometimes Red detailed legs & beaks.

Flamingos also symbolize many things like Beauty, Balance, Grace, Femininity & Innocence. They’ve also even been represented with Confidence.

I love ALL of the above.

Which is why I have taken on the Identity of PinkFlamingos88.

Within this blog I plan to discuss Beauty, Fashion, Health, Fitness, Travel, Places of Interest, Family & Friends.

So hopefully you enjoy & choose to stick around…


– PinkFlamingos88


*All Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel photos & Bugsy Siegel: Mob Museum photos are my own.

*All Flamingo artwork & photos are NOT my own. Courtesy of Google Images Search.



I first found this image on Google when I searched “Worlds Most Famous Grave Sites.” This sculpture in particular really stood out to me and made me pause. What fascinates me is how someone has THIS sculpture above their Grave for the rest of time.

This is a Grave site found in Pere LaChaise Cemetery in Paris France.

I traveled to Pere LaChaise Cemetery June 2017 to see the Grave Site for myself.


By far one of the neatest things I’ve done.

Here are more pictures from my perspective

And here’s one more selfie